Prothane Poly Engine Mount Bushings

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Upgrading your engine mounts is now a DIY job. No need to reuse original pin bushings. All you need to reuse is the original mount housings! These new bushings can be pressed in with just a vise, or you can get creative with your own DIY method. Replacing those old, worn out engine mounts has never been so satisfying. These new bushings won’t walk out of the OEM housings due to their flange design. The new pin bushings are large and will hold up to a lot of abuse. With these new bushings, they will fill up the entire void between the engine and transmission mount brackets. It is a good idea to install the mounting bolts going through the bushings loosely at first. Then tighten after they are all installed. The engine will have very little movement once tightened.

The only bushing that has a directional install is the transmission mount bushing. The flange on one side of the bushing is thicker than the other. Mount the tapered flange side towards the front of the car. There are also 2 different transmission mount housings. This bushing fits tightly into the housing that has a wider sleeve for the bushing. You can still install it into the housing that is more narrow. The other 3 mounts will help center it correctly.

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