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With Mitsubishi discontinuing the oil pumps for these engines, it is vital to have a solution. These aftermarket pumps are a good answer for a desperate need. They are a direct replacement for a non-turbo 3000GT and Stealth with a DOHC engine for model years 93-99. For turbo models, you will need to replace the relieve valve spring with the one from your original pump. In order to do so, you will need to remove the bolt from the bottom of the oil pump to reveal the spring and valve. Just swap out that spring and reassemble. The bolt is shown in the picture below, next to the oil pick up tube location.

These pumps also feature a sort of upgrade that the OEM pumps lack. There is no doubt that this is a weak spot on the OEM pumps. At high rpms, the backing plates on the oil pumps can deflect. This causes additional clearance in the oil pump gear to pump housing, which can cause pressure fluctuations. The aftermarket pump adds and additional screw to the backing plate (near the center) to keep this from happening.

The oil pump comes with pump gasket, oil filter housing gasket, oil pickup tube gasket, and a front crankshaft seal (installed)

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