Wrapping Up Project Green Is Lucky

Well, it’s almost that time to say good-bye to this project. We last left off with getting the engine dropped into the engine bay. A lot has happened since. One of those things was forgetting to add aftermarket intake pipes to the mod list. So, we had a delay on getting them in… and getting them powder coated to match the rest of the piping. Hence the big gap between updates. It’s always something!

Now that those pipes are in, we could get to work again! While we were waiting, we did polish up the Borla exhaust and get that mounted. It was pretty nasty, but we brought it back to life.

After the exhaust was installed, we worked on assembling the freshly powder coated brake calipers. We did this with all new caliper pistons, seals, and hardware. They really did turn out fantastic.

New AEM X Series boost and wideband gauges installed in the a-pillar. Also installed an M7 Japan EBC in the center console. These are the exact same boost controller as a Blitz model, just under a different name.

Engine bay got tidied up with the final components. We later removed the fuel injector resistor pack since we’re running Injector Dynamics high impedance injectors.

99 front bumper and headlights got installed, as well as the hood. Then the whole car got cleaned up!

On to the dyno for some engine break in runs.

In between all of these steps, we located a couple of power steering leaks. So, we had to change all of the hard lines on the power steering rack. Good times, but that was really the only issue we had after initial start up. Which, if you have ever done a large build like this before, you know that is a modern day miracle!

Stay tuned for power pulls on the dyno and their results.