Project Green Is Lucky Update!

It’s been a long time coming, but we have another update. This one is LOADED! And it’s very close to the completion stage! We left off with the chassis, and most of the accessory pieces painted W75 pearl white. Also, we took a quick peek at what our new dress up bolt kit will look like. Now, we move on to what has been going on since then. Since last time, we have done a ton of stuff. First, we painted the rest of the accessory pieces. That includes a 99 front bumper, 99 VR4 replica spoiler, and 99 sail panels. This car will have a complete 99 exterior conversion!

We had some accessory part installations to do on top of installing these freshly painted parts. Side skirts, mirrors, door handles, sail panels, and a pillar trim pieces got installed. We also finished up all of the molding pieces and started assembling the interior.

Next, we addressed the chassis/suspension part of the car. The rear sub frame was dropped and it did not look so hot! Typical for these northeast cars. This makes our job super easy /sarcasm!

So, we first stripped off the all wheel steering to get it ready for the delete, and the upper rear control arms to get ready to install some adjustable ones. Then, we stripped the rust off and put some paint on it to preserve everything. And now it’s ready to put back in…. after something else!

We have to take care of the under body of the car first! We brushed down the bottom of the car and sealed it in some new 3M under body coating.

So, now the sub frame is all back in place. We needed to address the shocks and struts. The front struts were absolutely rotted through at the mounting points. Extremely dangerous and amazing it was all still together! A perfect opportunity for some Tein Flex coilovers!

While it’s up in the air with the wheels off, we wanted to protect the paint as good as possible. A set of Lat 42 mud flaps (OEM replicas) were installed to keep rock chips from happening on the inner fenders.

Now, on to the engine build! The bottom end was carefully measured and spec’d out for proper clearances. New Clevite H series bearings were used in the bottom end. BC forged rods were installed on Wiseco forged pistons and the block was bored to fit the 91.5mm pistons. Fel-pro MLS head gaskets and head bolt set was used to clamp down our mildly ported cylinder heads running stock valve train that was completely redone. New big bore lifters were installed at the same time.

A set of DR750 turbos were bolted on and all of the accessories started to get installed.

Powder coated goodies cameĀ in! While going through the chassis of the car, we found all of the calipers needed to be rebuilt. This was a perfect excuse to have them powder coated.

Engine is finally taking shape and off of the engine stand. A new Stage 2 South Bend Clutch is bolted on and the transmission is installed. Now it’s ready to drop into the engine bay.

After adding some more dress up bolts/washers, it’s installed in the engine bay with a set of Prothane poly engine mount inserts. And that’s where we leave off!