Project Green Is Lucky Dyno Results!

Just what everyone was waiting for. After a battle figuring out a misfire problem. We traced it down to a bad set of MSD wires. They were replaced with a set of Accel wires and some fresh plugs and we were off to the races! We set to tune at wastegate pressure first. It was hitting 8 psi and putting down 300 awhp. Not too shabby! Final numbers come in at 430 awhp at 16 psi on pump gas. We will revisit later with a new set of plugs 1 step colder and some methanol injection to see if we can hit the 500 awhp number. The tune is nice and safe for the owner to enjoy the car for a long time. An alignment and new set of wheels are the only things left to do!

Mod list is as follows:

91.5mm Wiseco Pistons

BC Forged Connecting Rods

GZP Stage 1 Cylinder Heads

DR750 Turbos

Injector Dynamics 850cc Injectors

Walbro 450 lph Fuel Pump Hotwired

South Bend Stage 2 Endurance Clutch

Chrome ECU

MAF Translator with 3.75″ MAF and K&N Filter

CX Racing Dual Core Intercooler

3SX Intake Pipes

HKS SSQV4 Blow Off Valve

Mishimoto Radiator and Hoses

3SX Crank Pulley

Exhaust Downpipe, High Flow Cat, and Borla Cat-back Exhaust