Project Go Bigly Or Go Home Update #1

Today more progress was made on this 96 VR4 project. We worked on removing the front sub frame so that we could install new bushings as well as clean it up a bit. It also allowed us to have a bare chassis to lay some fresh under coat on. We also touched up the front sub frame with some paint in areas that it needed it.

After getting that accomplished, we worked on a plan for the fuel setup. The current setup had an in-tank pump and an external pump feeding the main feed line. This adds a level of complexity since they are not evenly paired pumps and they flow at different rates. If one goes bad, the other could limp the car home. Or it could blow up the engine at a WOT pull. So, we decided to simplify the fuel setup by just starting over on the fuel delivery end. We’re ditching the fuel tank that has a sump and replacing it with a smaller capacity fuel cell. This will sit closer to the passenger side to help balance the car. It will also sit below the factory floor so that the floor can act as a firewall (just like the OEM tank). We removed the spare tire holder section of the floor to make way for a rectangular fuel cell.

From there, we moved onto reinstalling the sub frames. The front received new poly bushings and the rear got an AWS delete that we showed in the initial post about this car. And, since it was a roller again, we took it outside to get the engine bay power washed. Later, we will be cleaning up some unused holes in the firewall that was for the HVAC systems.

And that’s where we leave off for today. The next step may be a week or so away, so no updates until then. We will start a post about some of our other big projects going on so you can have some reading material!