Project Go Bigly Or Go Home Introduction

This project is starting out as a 96 3000GT VR4 and will be converted into a street/road course car. We’ll keep the list of upgrades a secret and only release info as we build the car. You’ll see as we go through the pictures that this car has a lot of work ahead of it! So, here is what we’re working with.

The tear down begins with the interior of the car. Here, we found A LOT of extra wiring going on. There will be a lot of wiring changes going into the car to help clean up and streamline everything. If anything needs to be diagnosed in the future, this clean up will make it a whole lot easier.

With a majority of the interior out of the way, we started work on the front end of the car. This one is getting a 99 front end conversion to help with cooling on the track. We figured we would test fit the front end before tearing the rest of the car apart. This should make it easier for us to do multiple things to the car at once without stepping on each others toes.

And now the car is mostly torn down. It will be ready for the next stage of the chassis work once we get the rest of the parts in for that portion of the job.

With the car ready for the next step, we focus on getting it onto a lift to go through the suspension and drivetrain to see what needs to be addressed. We won’t bore you with those photos, but it added some well needed parts to the build list.

Now that the build list is pretty well ironed out, we move on to removing the drivetrain from the car. Lots of work going on with that, so we’ll tear it all down and put it to the side so we can send off the components to the necessary people to get everything up to snuff.

Some view of the empty engine bay shows all of the work we need to do there. We will be minimizing everything in the engine bay to make it more simple to work on at the track.

Now we move onto the rear of the car. This is the easy part of the whole build. Install an AWS delete kit and reinstall the sub frame! Today, we got it dropped, AWS delete installed, and the whole assembly cleaned up.

The person that installed the adjustable upper control arms totally nailed it!

Thanks for checking out the start of this build. Plenty more updates to come once we get rolling. Keep checking back!